Call for facilitators for the Security Jam

Be a part of the most exciting global conversation of the decade!


What is the Security Jam?

A 3-day online brainstorm organised by the SDA and IBM. The Security Jam will gather thousands of security experts and practitioners to come up with concrete solutions to the challenges of the 21st Century. VIP Jammers will log in regularly to share their ideas and discuss in real-time with the thousands of jammers.


The Security Jam is organised into 6 discussion forums:

1.       The new global balance

2.       The EU as a global security broker

3.       NATO’s role 2025

4.       Cyber-security and cyber-defence

5.       Case-study – Ukraine and Russia
Case-study – Syria

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The Security Jam will be moderated by senior experts from six leading think-tanks, assisted by facilitators.

What is a facilitator?

Facilitators are bright young researchers or PhD students, and are responsible for ensuring that innovative and ground breaking ideas are heard during the debate. They log in for 3-hour shifts and read through the material posted. They ask questions to guide the discussion towards concrete recommendations and flag any particularly exciting or innovative ideas to the “hosts”, ie senior moderators from the partner think-tanks.


The Security Jam is entirely online, meaning you can facilitate online discussions from anywhere in the world.


Facilitators agree to:
1. Receive online training (one hour) at a time to be determined by the SDA
2. Facilitate the same 3-hour shift every day for the duration of the Jam
3. Provide 5 key points at the end of every shift

4. Write a facilitator journal the end of the Jam


Why become a facilitator?

The Security Jam gives facilitators the opportunity to work side by side with internationally recognised experts from leading think-tanks and to interact with senior VIPs the world over as well as thousands of experts from the security sector ranging from the military to NGOs and academics.


Facilitators will be presented on the Security Jam website with a short bio and credited by name in the Security Jam report, presented to the EU and NATO leaderships. The report will be distributed in hard copy to several thousand senior decision-makers globally, and in electronic copy to tens of thousands. 

How to volunteer:

Send us your CV, which forum you would like to facilitate and why to

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