As of 9 October 2014, the SDA becomes part of Friends of Europe, and as such will adhere to Friends or Europe's policies on memberships and partnerships. The information below refers to the situation before 9 October 2014.

In 2013, the Security & Defence Agenda’s total revenue was €262,400. These funds were received through membership fees, project-related partnerships, institutional subsidies, and contributions to costs of events, reports or structural support to our activities. 

The breakdown per source of funding is as follows:

  • Public sector (NATO, EU, national governments, etc): €44,600 (17%)

  • Memberships: €137,000 (52%)

  • Private sector (companies and trade associations): €66,400 (25%)

  • Private non-corporate (foundations, other think-tanks and NGOs): €14,400 (5%)

Annual membership
 is not “personal”, meaning any person employed by a member organisation can attend our debates and receive hard copies of our major reports. Diplomatic missions, permanent representations, embassies, NGOs and think-tanks pay €1,200. SMEs, trade associations, chambers of commerce and foundations pay €4,000, while business and industry pay €7,500. Elected politicians, senior government officials and the international press attend our events as guests. 

The Security & Defence Agenda communicates transparently and openly on project-related partnerships. Partners receive visibility on invitations, on the website and in our publications, and an opportunity to speak. The SDA offers a platform for all relevant viewpoints and opinions, but it does not itself represent any interests, and contractually retains responsibility for the independence, intellectual balance and quality of all its projects. 

For the full details on Security and Defence Agenda's registration to the Transparency Register please click here.