In 2012, the Security & Defence Agenda’s total revenue was €517,237. That money was contributed through membership fees, project-related partnerships, institutional subsidies, and contributions to costs of events, reports or structural support to our activities.

The breakdown per source of funding is as follows:

  • Public sector (NATO, EU, national governments, etc): €127,398 (26.6%)
  • Memberships: €198,833 (38.4%)
  • Corporate sector (companies and trade associations): €173,527 (33.6%)
  • Private non-corporate (foundations, other think-tanks and NGOs): €17,480 (3.4%)

Annual membership
 is not “personal”, meaning any person employed by a member organisation can attend our debates and receive hard copies of our major reports. Diplomatic missions, permanent representations, embassies, NGOs and think-tanks pay €1,500. SMEs, trade associations, chambers of commerce and foundations pay €4,000, while business and industry pay €7,500. Elected politicians, senior government officials and the international press attend our events as guests.

The Security & Defence Agenda communicates transparently and openly on project-related partnerships. Partners receive visibility on invitations, on the website and in our publications, and an opportunity to speak. The SDA offers a platform for all relevant viewpoints and opinions, but it does not itself represent any interests, and contractually retains responsibility for the independence, intellectual balance and quality of all its projects.