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Crisis managment

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International cooperation in capabilities


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Facing the cyber-challenge


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Transnational & hybrid threats


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Live Chats are discussion events within the Security Jam programme. They are dedicated to a particular topic in international security and hosted by international think tanks. The number of 'seats' in Live Chats is limited.   

Libya: Lessons learned


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"Crisis, Information and Social Media" 

When a crisis occurs, decision-makers are informed by their own sources, information and news services and, increasingly, social media. In an age where revolutions and crises are reported "live" through the use of unfiltered social media, and where these social media play an active role, what is the best way to ensure that accurate information is provided to decision-makers and the general public? What problems can arise from the public relying principally on social media as its main source of information?

Date: 19/03/2012, 17:30 (CET) 

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“Analysing impact for EU Member States – creating better buy-in for SSR missions”

Many SSR missions in fragile and post-conflict situations have been criticized for not living up to expectations. Some of the factors affecting this are: 1) the lack of Member States to take the lead in missions, 2) to prove good on pledges (both financially and with human resources), and 3) to have access to experts – in particular with sound experience, cultural and language attributes. This debate aims to focus on states, that is, what better buy-in and incentives can we pursue to improve delivery of SSR missions?

Date: 22/03/2012, 17:30 (CET) 

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Afghanistan: Lessons learned


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"Rape as a weapon of war"

In 2008, the UN Security Council adopted Resolution 1820 on Women and peace and security. Does the international community now have the effective tools and means to address sexual violence in conflict, by means of resolution 1820 or other measures? How effective have campaigns against impunity been in countries such as Congo? And how can further awareness be raised on the devastating effect rape has on entire communities? Follow the debate amongst international civil and military leaders, scholars, NGOs and policy-makers.

Date: 20/03/2012, 17:00 (CET) 

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"Syria – options for international crisis management"

The violence in Syria has not been halted and a diplomatic solution does not seem to be in sight yet. Meanwhile, the National Syrian Council and outside actors are demanding to arm thy Syrian opposition. Developments thus point to a further military escalation which might possibly involve neighboring countries and the international community at large. Another intervention by force, however, would contain significant political and military risks.

Date: 22/03/2012, 17:00  

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