The future of NATO's partnerships

29 January 2014 In anticipation of the upcoming NATO summit in September, this event focused on the critical role that NATO’s diverse partnerships play for the alliance today. The speakers assessed the development and role of these partnerships, as well as the advantages they bring to both NATO and partner countries. Finally, they explored key issues confronting NATO as it considers the future role of its partnerships.
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Op-eds/Guest contributions

Why Saudi Arabia’s recent human rights reforms should be supported

Guest contribution by Dr. Abdulaziz Sager. The commitments to human rights reforms made by Saudi Arabia should be encouraged and not disparaged. 

Hard truths about Europe’s soft power
Guest contribution by Nick Witney. Europe’s military shortcomings may see it shunted to the margins of global affairs, warns Nick Witney, former head of the European Defence Agency. He sets out the elements for a fundamental re-think of the EU’s external strategy.


A group of hackers by the name of ‘Cyber Berkut’, in reference to riot police deployed during the Kiev protests, attacked several NATO websites on Saturday and temporarily rendered them inaccessible, according to Defence Talk.

Sanctions, asset freezes and travel bans have been slapped on 21 individuals in both Russia and Crimea following a meeting of EU foreign ministers in Brussels.

Russian troops in unmarked uniforms have occupied the Crimea and have surrounded Ukrainian installations across the peninsula. Amid unrest in the east of Ukraine, Russian President Vladimir Putin has said further use of force was a ‘last resort’.