Austrian leaders call for a national ‘cyber militia’

The Austrian Ministry of the Interior plans to raise the profile of cyber-security nationwide by implementing cyber training into young conscripts’ national service programmes. 

Group leader Wilhelm Sandrisser emphasised that “Austria needs a cyber-militia” in a Ministry document, which was co-authored by Hermann Feiner, Head of Business at the Ministry of the Interior; Erwin Hameseder, Chairman of one of Austria’s largest banking groups; and Christian Kunstmann, General Secretary of the ‘Secure Austria’ Board. 

They outlined that the knowledge gained by the trainees would create pools of expertise, which could contribute to a strengthening of the economy’s resilience to cyber-attacks beyond their national service. 

According to the report’s estimates, between three and five percent of the 24,000 conscripts could become Information and Communication specialists each year. 

Original Photo Source: MilitantLibertarian