Cyber 'honeytraps' to entice attackers

The European Union’s cyber-security agency, the European Network and Information Security Agency (ENISA), is launching an in-depth study of 30 different digital traps or ‘honeypots’ which can be used by governmental and nongovernmental computer emergency response teams to proactively detect cyber attacks, says the agency.

With the number of sophisticated cyber attacks on the rise, government agencies are having to be evermore innovative to improve their early detection capabilities. The ‘honeypots’ will serve as traps, designed to lure in cyber attackers by imitating a real computer resource, such as a service, a database or an application. “Any entity connecting to a honeypot is deemed suspicious, and all activity is monitored to detect malicious activity," announced ENISA in its statement.

Executive Director Udo Helmbrecht added: “Honeypots offer a powerful tool for computer emergency response teams to gather threat intelligence without any impact on the production infrastructure. The traps will allow experts to track malware infections, new exploits, vulnerabilities and malware behaviour, as well as gain an insight into attackers’ tactics.” 

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