Cyber-security tops government priorities

09/11/2012 Lockheed Martin and its Cyber Security Alliance partners have published their white paper entitled “Cyber Security and Transformational Technologies – Keeping Systems and Data Safe”, which shows that malware attacks represent the foremost threat to U.S. government data.

Government technology decision-makers in federal, defence and intelligence agencies were surveyed to assess the levels of awareness and attitudes towards a series of I.T. areas. They were also asked to rank threats in order of severity. The report revealed that 85% of respondents consider cyber-security to be a high priority and currently have at least one major cyber-initiative in place. For mobile computing the corresponding figure was 39%, cloud computing scored 26%, and big data 27%.

Rick Johnson, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer at Lockheed Martin Information Systems and Global Solutions stated that: “Government’s challenge is two-fold: adopting transformational technologies to help reduce operating costs, while also keeping systems and data safe. Our Lockheed Martin Cyber Security Alliance partners are keenly focused on collaboration and innovation to provide seamless end-to-end security with affordability in mind.”

Whilst most agencies thought they were adequately protected, they continue to invest in new technologies, citing the fact that innovations such as cloud computing and big data solutions offer more economical and affordable systems of sharing and storing information.

Original Photo Source: Technology Blog