Embraer sues USAF

Sierra Nevada, a project partner of Brasil-based Embraer, has turned to the US Court of Federal Claims to reinstate a $354 million contract to build 20 small attack planes for the Afghan Air Forces awarded last year.

The deal was cancelled after Hawker Beechcraft, partner of Lockheed Martin, filed a lawsuit, which paved the way for reopening of the competition. The Air Force later stated it had found the previous award’s documentation problems, leading to Embraer losing the deal to Hawker Beechcraft.

Sierra Nevada called the contract annulment an “extreme response to what appears to be paperwork errors on the part of the USAF.” The Air Force launched an internal investigation into the process.

©CC BY 2.0; 2010-04-06 by Omer Wazir at flickr
Original source: flickr.com