2012 Security Jam Executive summary

Just weeks ahead of the NATO summit in Chicago and the G8 summit in Camp David, the Security and Defence Agenda presents an executive summary of the 2012 Security Jam, a unique global brainstorm. The document offers recommendations, from the world’s top military, NGOs, academia and public sector officials on issues such as smart defence, cyber-security, Afghanistan, crisis management and enhanced cooperation, of use in preparations for the summit.

Some 3000 participants from 116 countries shared their views, including Adm. James Stavridis, NATO Supreme Allied Commander Europe, Gen. Stéphane Abrial, NATO Supreme Allied Commander Transformation, Maciej Popowski, Deputy Secretary General of the European External Action Service and Claude-France Arnould, Chief Executive of the European Defence Agency.

The recommendations offer you and other policy makers valuable food for thought straight from the global security and defence community. The executive summary of the 2012 Security Jam can be downloaded here.

The final report will be presented at our conference After Chicago: re-evaluating NATO’s priorities on Friday, May 25th. For further information, click here.