Boost for Turkey’s defence industry

A very ambitious five year plan should significantly develop Turkey’s defence by 2016.
Murad Bayar, undersecretary for Turkey's Defence Industries Undersecretariat (SSM), told IHS Jane's “Turkey is still reliant on foreign imports for about 35 per cent of critical military technologies”. The newly published defence industrial strategic plan will modernise the country’s critical technologies, ensure the indigenous development of defence capabilities and progressively reduce dependency on foreign imports. 
The total value of the contracts signed last year was some $27.3 billion. According to the new plan the total turnover target for the defence industry exports for 2016 is $2 billion. 
To promote domestic defence development and increase sales, the Undersecretariat of Defence Industry will open five new defence industry contact offices in the Far-East, Middle East, United States, Caucasus -Central Asia, and EU-NATO.
Turkey has already secured defence relationships in South East Asia in 2011, when three of its biggest defence companies signed a deal with Indonesia for around $400 million and a strategic $600 million defence deal with Malaysia to produce armoured vehicles in partnership, so far the biggest deal ever signed by a Turkish defence company.