UN to reduce peacekeeping missions


The United Nations (UN) plan to reduce some of their peacekeeping missions to facilitate major budget cuts. The missions to face possible reductions are those in East Timor, Haiti, Liberia, and Darfur. Pressed by their major powers, the UN aim to cut their peacekeeping budget from $8bn in 2011 to about $7bn in 2012. Hervé Ladsous, UN Under-Secretary General and Head of UN peacekeeping, said: “There are a number of missions that have gone through the critical stage and probably we will be able to start looking at downsizing.” The missions in Haiti, and, after last year’s elections, Liberia are being reduced. The troop numbers of the mission in Darfur will be the object of further discussions. The UN is currently conducting 16 missions with about 120,000 troops from 114 countries. Following repeated cases of sexual abuse by UN soldiers, Ladsous also announced a “zero tolerance” policy and the ban of entire contingents of the nationality of the accused soldiers from the mission.

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