NATO missile defence command in Germany


According to a diplomatic source, NATO is planning to install its missile shield command centre for Europe on the US military base in Ramstein, Germany. The centre is to become operational after NATO’s Chicago Summit in May 2012. The US-led missile defence project builds on Spain hosting US Aegis cruisers, an early-warning radar in Turkey and will be completed by land-based interceptor infrastructure in Romania and Poland by 2018. Despite Russian protest, the US and NATO have repeatedly highlighted that the missile shield is directed against a potential missile threat from Iran. Without confirming the information about the decision on the Ramstein site, German defence minister Thomas de Maizière offered Germany’s contribution in the form of 24 Patriot missiles. “Germany can imagine putting the Patriot missiles that are in Germany at the disposal of that system,” de Maizière said on the sidelines of a NATO defence ministers meeting on Friday.

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