Cyber-attack hits Israeli stock exchange and airline


Israel’s national airline, El Al, and the Tel Aviv stock exchange saw their websites hacked yesterday just hours after they were reportedly threatened by a Saudi computer hacker, OxOmar. Orna Goren, stock exchange spokeswoman, told reporters the hacker “put a lot of traffic on the entrance to the website,” meaning, "there are too many users so it's hard to get into the site but our trading system is working as usual." The hacker also successfully caused online disruption to the El Al website however no flights have been affected. The OxOmar also informed Israeli News websites he and the pro-Palestinian group "Nightmare" would continue the attacks. The Islamist group Hamas, which governs the Gaza Strip, praised the hacking and called for it to be stepped up on Sunday. This new attack comes amid a series of cyber-attacks affecting Israeli businesses in the new-year including the most serious which exposed tens of thousands of Israeli credit card details online.

To help prevent similar attacks in the US, the National Security Agency (NSA) is currently developing a set of cyber-security guidelines to apply to its own systems, and to government and contractor networks. The guidelines are based on a list of 20 cyber-security procedures developed two years ago by an independent panel of government and non-government experts. Knowledge of the NSA program comes as the Pentagon evaluates its Defense Industrial Base Cyber Pilot, a test program in which more than a dozen volunteer contractors received DoD information about cyber threats in exchange for information about attacks on their own corporate networks. The program is intended to provide a model for improved cyber-security. Experts say it has seen some success.

The SDA will be discussing "Public-private cooperation in cyber-security" and "Improving global cyber-governance" on Monday 30th January. The evening will also host the launch of the ambitious global cyber-security study entitled "The vexed question of global rules."

To read more about the SDA’s cyber-security initiative or to see the SDA cyber-attack log book, click here.