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    Lessons learnt from the Gulf of Aden operations

    15 May, Brussels                   

    With the mandates of both Operation Atalanta and Ocean Shield coming to an end later this year, it is urgent to identify the lessons to be learned from those six years of international cooperation. This and other topics will be discussed at a roundtable debate next 15th May. Read more. Register now for the debate here.


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    Overhauling transatlantic security thinking

    4 June, Brussels

    How should Europeans and Americans see engagement in Africa and the Middle East? What are the key outcomes to be hoped for from the NATO Summit? These topics and other key security issues will be discussed at SDA’s major annual conference. Read more. 

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    The biggest military spenders

    The recent report on military spending released by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) on April 14th, reveal that while in times when the U.S. decreases its military spending, there are countries that increase it heavily. Overall 23 countries have doubled their defence spending over the past decade, according to SIPRI.  Read more.







Why Saudi Arabia’s recent human rights reforms should be supported

Saudi Arabia’s human rights record tends to be a sticking point in its relations with the West. Preoccupied with security concerns, from the ongoing conflict in Syria and tensions with Iran to political stability at home, the country’s legislation often comes at the expense of greater political freedoms.

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How the EU got it so wrong in Ukraine

Those who argue that the rapidly unfolding crisis in Ukraine has become Europe’s most serious post-Cold War challenge since the Balkan Wars are probably right. There is considerable uncertainty concerning Russia’s ultimate objectives and efforts to resolve the crisis through diplomatic means have met limited success thus far. The situation could easily escalate, even unintentionally, and lead to a new Cold War...

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Myanmar today: tackling the good, the bad and the ugly

After five decades of repressive military rule, Myanmar’s political and economic transformation continues to impress. The country is preparing for milestone elections in autumn 2015, ceasefire talks have opened with ethnic groups and work begun on important constitutional changes ahead of next year’s polls...
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Europe's World

Europe's World, the only EU-wide policy journal with a readership of over 100,000, has a new website. Visit www.europesworld.org

NATO’s European members, too, should pivot to Asia
The drawdown of ISAF troops from Afghanistan calls for a new forum for NATO countries to consult with Asia-Pacific countries. Karl-Heinz Kamp explains why.


Hard truths about Europe’s soft power
Europe’s military shortcomings may see it shunted to the margins of global affairs, warns Nick Witney, former head of the European Defence Agency.


An Asian NATO would help defuse tensions
The lack of international security institutions in East Asia is contributing to growing tensions in the region, says South Korea’s former foreign minister Yoon Young-kwan.

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