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    The Security Jam 14 is over!

    In 54 hours the Jam brought together almost 2,300 participants from 114 countries contributing 2,800 insightful posts, making the 2014 Jam another raging success. Highlights included former rock star turned NATO Deputy Secretary General Alexander Vershbow clearly stating that there can be no talks with IS but that it must be defeated, and travelling Jammer SACEUR General Philip Breedlove describing the Ukraine crisis “an era-defining event”.


    Watch this space for the 2014 Jam report!

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    Security Jam Day 2 : Summary

    The Jam moderators sum up the discussions in the various forums on day two and give guidance to the questions to be tackled on the final day.

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    Security Jam Update: Day 2
    The Jam is now firmly moving to developing concrete solutions for the new NATO and EU leaders. Moderators will be pushing Jammers to answer questions such as:

    - If NATO has just one job in the Middle East, what should that be?

    - Can big data help detect and counter cyber threats?  

    - Is regional cooperation the way forward in capability development?

    - Should NGOs sit down with military planners regularly to improve civ-mil cooperation?

    Log on NOW and add your pinch of salt to the Jam!                       


Video update - Day 1
The Security Jam went live yesterday and already debate is raging in the various forums with VIPs logging in from around the world to share their views with the thousands of Jammers.
The top 10 recommendations will form a roadmap for the EU’s new High Representative for Foreign Policy Federica Mogherini and NATO’s new Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg.

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Security Jam Day 1: Summary

The Jam moderatos summed up the discussions in the various forums on day one and give guidance to the questions to be tackled Wednesday.            
Keep checking the Jam for updates on other forums!           

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Will NATO turn its commitment in Central and Eastern Europe to action?

By Wojciech Lorenz, Jacek Durkalec and Artur Kacprzyk

Turning NATO’s Wales declaration into facts on the ground in Central and Eastern European states would not only strengthen their security; it would also greatly benefit the Alliance as a whole.

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Why we need to be patient with Russia
"Patience, patience" counselled one Cold War veteran George Kennan after the break-up of the USSR. Simon Serfaty takes a critical look at how the West should be handling Moscow in light of the Ukraine crisis.


Tracing the origins of the Ukraine crisis: Should the EU share the blame?
The EU didn't create the Ukraine crisis, but it must take responsibility for ending it. Alyona Getmanchuk traces the origins of Europe’s dangerous stand-off between East and West and warns that Brussels must unambiguously define its own goals and intentions


An Asian NATO would help defuse tensions
The lack of international security institutions in East Asia is contributing to growing tensions in the region, says South Korea’s former foreign minister Yoon Young-kwan.


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The Security & Defence Agenda regularly welcomes high level speakers from the international and national sphere of politics, the military, private sector, civil society, and academia to discuss the issues that shape global security and defence.

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